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Posters keep business names in front of eyeballs, 24x7.
Popular posters can BRAND your name, logo, web site and location in your marketplace better than most other higher priced media. Read some Sponsor Testimonials here!

Remember, you can't build more *brand loyalty* without more brand awareness. That's why advertisers love repeating their ads each season... because their customers see them so often. Folks put these popular posters on their walls, refrigerators, file cabinets, bulletin boards, storefront windows... you get the picture.

BARK Marketing is best known for its Athens Cartoon Maps, displayed all over town since 1992. They're great for visitors to find their way around (from logo to logo) and see all the great things to do; and sponsors get to keep their Logo, location and phone numbers displayed for 2 years, 24x7.

The next best thing we're known for is probaby the BEST... when you understand the popularity and effectiveness of QUALITY Sports Schedule Posters! What's more popular these days than Home Town College Sports?!  These 11x17 "score-keeping" posters feature College Home Team schedules like Football (always the fav), Basketball and College Baseball.
And now we're doing Bulldawgs Football Posters in other markets like Milledgeville, Lake Oconee and Augusta, with others coming soon to rabid Georgia markets.

Consider this... What other media will create and print 10,000 great-looking business card-size ads... AND, put them up on walls and doors all over town... AND, make them desirable enough for folks to keep them displayed well over 6 months? This one does. In fact many stay up all year!

Check this page (click here) for a list of locations used for the all Posters in all markets since 2006. We have documentation of every poster produced and where they went... so please ask.

2013 Poster Ads NOW being sold!

If you're interested in being on the next or future Sports Schedule Posters, or if you want info about rates and distribution, please CONTACT US - click here.

ALSO NOTE: There will be TWO FOOTBALL distributions of 10,000 posters each in Athens. The first set will go out the first of June, 2011, for the local citizens to enjoy. The second set of 10,000 posters will go out early August for all of the students and visitors. Please call 706-296-8690 to reserve your space. Thank you.

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