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Which one of these would you want to be seen on?
BARK Marketing's Poster design (directly above) evolved from several sports posters produced since 2003. Originally, we had GEORGIA at the top with the word Bulldogs scripted underneath. However, the combination of using these two trademarked words, along with the "SEC" mentioned several places, got us into trouble with the Collegiate Licensing folks. So... we had to change our header to "Bulldawgs!" Of course, using our own bulldog illustration was perfectly alright, so this character has graced the headers since the very first edition.

Our unique design is interactive, in that you can use it to keep scores. It includes the area's favorite pro football team's schedule as well. And with 10,000 circulation, how can advertising sponsors go wrong?
Here's the story behind BARK Marketing Sports Schedule Posters
The poster above was printed by a friend (near Anderson, SC) for a gentlemen who produces about 20 different posters throughout the Carolinas. However, it's a tad too busy, the design leaves a lot to be desired, and the 1,000 copies of each poster printed does not get the saturation of viewership advertisers should be looking for.

Usually ads sell for about $120-150 each, they print 1,000 and deliver about 50-75 copies to each advertiser to give away. So, few posters actually get out, because they're ONLY available from sponsor locations... which include plumbers, car repair shops, insurance firms and grading contractors - not exactly your high traffic locations for quality distribution.
This poster (shown above) was the one that got our local posters going. A client of ours had advertised on this poster (with a double ad), but they could not get anyone to take them. Our view is that they were so ugly, who would want them in their homes or offices? Besides that, if you look closely (click here), you'll notice that they misspelled the first team, CLEMSOM, and they left the 8th team, Alabama Birmingham, OFF of the schedule entirely. Think about it... the only desirable content on the entire poster is the schedule and they couldn't get that right.

This is also one of those 1,000 print promotions that gets little exposure. Especially when no one cares to pick them up let alone put them on their walls or anywhere else.
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