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When it comes to designing your Logo, if you want to reflect a personalized image, you may want to consider a "signature" design... something Pete Barkelew of BARK Marketing is known for. To see more samples of this work, visit the LETTERING section here.

The earliest term for the modern- day Logo was "Signature," and for a good reason. Most 'logos' in their primary forms were signature-like... because they were always placed in the bottom of the company's print advertisements (usually the bottom right side) - much like a signature is used on a business letter.

Some of the most recognizable and famous corporate signatures (many still used today in redesigned form):

Coca-Cola  •  Kleenex
General Electric (GE)
Ford Motor Company
John Hancock Life Insurance Co.
Budweiser & Anheuser-Busch
Miller Brewing Company
Goodyear Tires
Johnson & Johnson
Walt Disney, of course a signature... and many others

Even if you have your copy right,
it won't be read if it isn't seen.
Draw attention to your message
with personalized hand lettering.

Attract more eyes to your logo and message with the personal touch of hand lettering. Call 706-546-5058.

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FOR MORE SAMPLES of lettered logos, go here.

For an attractive, personalized "Signature" logo, consider using calligraphy or hand lettering by Pete Barkelew (artist and designer of - Free Ecards).

Pete is pretty "handy at drawing attention." Let him show you what can be done for your promotional graphics. Call 706-546-5058 for more information.

The best photographer I know, for a candid, journalistic style, is Wingate Downs in Athens, GA... Weddings, Portraits, Publicity & Sports. Check his site here or click his logo above.

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