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15,000 Full-Color Cartoon Map Posters are printed and distributed FREE!

These colorful, free posters are gladly received and displayed all over town... in homes, offices, dorms, apartments, restaurants, nightclubs, lobbies, etc... 24/7... for two (2) full years.

• All Advertisers Get 100 (28"x22") Maps To Give Away!
This is only an examle of how the free distribution is set up - from the first issue, through all succeeding editions.

There are normally 80-90 advertisers per 28"x22" cartoon poster. So, with 100 maps (minimum) going to each sponsor, that leaves 6-7,000 maps for other key distribution points in the area.
Virtually every merchant is delighted to help give them away, because their customers love them for it.

   Also Distributed Free By:
• The University Bookstore
• The Georgia Center For Continuing Education
• The University Resident Halls (DORMS)
• The Athens Welcome Center
• Athens Apartment Complexes
• Athens Area Hotels and Motels
• Athens Area Churches
• Athens YMCA - Out-of-town Intramural Teams
• Plus Laminated Maps Displayed At Sponsor Locations

Athens Cartoon Maps also
offers these Fun Features!

Map viewers are invited to look for the "teasingly funny" conference characters and find the 3 Hidden Dog Bones.

TownTshirts - Souvenir Cartoon Tees
... now available from BARK Marketing!

Athens now has its own Souvenir Tee designed with cartoon ads from the Athens Cartoon Map. Suggested retail is only $16.99 each. They come in sizes Small to X-Large. If you'd like to own one of these TEEs, see retail locations here.

RETAILERS: If you're interested in Retailing these tees for $16.99 each, please visit TownTshirts to learn more.