RETAILERS... Sell TownTshirts!
These unique, colorful souvenir cartoon tees
are extremely popular where they were founded in Athens, GA. It's only a matter of time before folks in other towns will want one just like it!
They are designed by "BARK Marketing," with artwork provided from Cartoon Maps (exclusively produced by Karl Dowhie Studios of "Maps4Fun"). To see better detail of these Cartoon Tees, click here.

Retail price - $16.99 each
Wholesale cost - $8.50 each

Right now, as of 2007, there is only one of its kind... Athens, Georgia (home of the Univ. of Georgia Bulldogs). But, soon, cartoon map owners all over the country will be looking to sell them in their towns, perhaps your town. If so, get on board and help us promote your town... and turn a profit, too. Order your new TownTshirts (as soon as they're available) for only $8.50 each (minimum 60), and sell them for $16.99. Once the teens see this design, they'll be wanting to get their own, so keep plenty in stock... especially in the Summertime!

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Pete Barkelew
Creator of TownTshirts

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