Cartoon Map ADVERTISERS...
Why should you consider advertising on these unique TownTshirts?
The answer is simple!  

This advertising is like "Walking Billbards."
It can be seen almost

Where else can you put your business Logo, address, phone number and website info so it will be seen all over town? These Tees are "Walking Billboards" - worn as a fashion statement to parties, shopping malls, restaurants, nightclubs, classrooms, even tailgating at ballgames and poolside in the summer. In fact... with cell phones everywhere, folks are ordering take-outs, deliveries and placing reservations right off the backs of TownTshirts.

Best of all... many other local retailers will be displaying and selling these shirts. They're even G-rated - with no blatant message toward drinking or drugs. So, don't miss this opportunity to be a part of something large (even extra-large, medium and small). Contact your local Cartoon Map producer and reserve your spot on your new souvenir TownTshirts soon!

How much does it cost to advertise? Perhaps NOTHING !!!

When you run your cartoon map ad in a creatively designed montage (created by BARK Marketing in Athens, Georgia), you will be given 20 of these T-shirts, FREE, as part of your ad fee to sell at retail. This will refund your entire investment if you sell all 20 shirts. For example
(only): If you pay $340 for your space on the back of a shirt, you will receive 20 shirts to retail at $16.95 each, thus returning your entire ad fee (if you sell all 20 - some sponsors give them away as premiums to customers, or as bonuses to employees). Then, the profit from every tee you sell after that goes directly into your pocket. It's like creating another income stream for your business. And, because they're so popular, you'll have fun doing it!

Although we cannot price these T-shirts for each TownTshirt Owner (who is usually the owner of your local cartoon map), this money-back program is very successful in Athens, Georgia, and there's no reason to believe that you will not be given the same opportunity.

Here's WHY many Advertisers love this "Joint Venture" Opportunity...

Creativity... Advertisers love this unique form of marketing, which includes using their name, logo, address (even web site, if online) AND phone number in their cartoon ad... something unheard of in other sponsor-programs (except on our creative cartoon maps ;-)  The neatest thing is that other businesses in town are helping you promote YOUR business -- making this a fine "joint venture."

Visability... These designer-Tees will be seen on beautiful people all over town... at parties, poolsides, beaches, tailgating, classrooms, malls, restaurants, bars, even at churches - because they're G-Rated (with no blatant referrals to drinking or drugs). Another benefit is the ongoing promotion of your town from visitors buying these tees and wearing them in their home towns.

Functionality... Not only are these tees making a fashion statement, they are very functional in design. With almost everyone owning a cell phone today, can't you see people actually using phone numbers in the Tee-ads to place take-out orders, or even reservations, while they're playing, partying or out by the pool?

Longevity... Unlike many forms of advertising that is thrown away, like old newspapers, these tees will be seen over and over again, month-in-and-month-out, for years to come. If you don't think so, check your own T-shirt drawer and see how long you've been wearing your favorite designs.

Profitability... This has to be the most cost-effective method of branding a business name known to man. Where else can you get your Name and contact info on a product that can also return your ad investment by simply displaying and selling the actual marketing vehicle. And customers love to buy them on the spot, impulsively, right when they see them. Best of all, once your intial 20 tees are sold (recouping your ad cost), the profit from ALL future sales is yours to keep. And who doesn't appreciate having for an additional income stream in business - especially one that promotes your own store, brand and location along the way?!

No-Brainer... When you put 2 and 2 together, it all makes sense. Buy an ad that will be seen for years, and get your ad investment back by simply selling something that many people want... locals and visitors to town alike. And once the intial 20 tees are sold, the profit from all future sales is all yours to keep.

Thank you for taking time to consider placing your cartoon ad on your local "TownTshirts."

Pete Barkelew
Creator of TownTshirts

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