Even if you have your copy right,
it won't be read if it isn't seen.
Draw attention to your message
with personalized hand lettering.

Wordart is your creative calligraphy and hand lettering source for graphic production in any medium. Calligraphic artist, Pete Barkelew, has specialized in lettering design for logos and slogans and such since 1976.

For production estimates, other information, and to place an order, you may call Wordart at (706) 546-5058, from 8a-6p, Eastern time. Or, for quick, documented communication, email us at Our FAX line is 706.534-8694.

You can also mail or fax your comp layout and examples of preferred styles to offer a tighter quote and finished product. Plus, overnight express delivery may be possible if we are contacted, and your order is confirmed, before Noon Eastern time on weekdays.


Look over the lettering styles throughout this website, and identify the styles you prefer (simply refer to the actual lettered ‘copy’). Any style shown, and virtually any sample provided, can be modified to suit your needs: ie. bolder, lighter, more open (spacing), condensed, elongated, or italicized.

Your copy (to be lettered) can be placed on one line or stacked to specifications. Order exactly what you want, or you may request a variety of styles and layouts for consideration, depending on your budget and schedule. We often provide options for attractive positioning of several words in phrases to suit a specific layout.


If you don’t see a sample of your preference, mail, email or fax us a sample of the style you would like to match. Of course, duplicatiion will be made as exact as possible, to the best of our ability. One thing remains constant at Wordart though... if you don’t like our work, you won’t pay for it.

Also, predetermine, if you can, which style of certain letters and miscellaneous characters (numbers, punctuation, etc.) you would prefer in advance. This always saves, time, money and frustration for all parties involved. For example: some letters are prefered in a “type” style or a “scripted” look; ie. the letters a, f, g, k, r, s and z have many options for the look you desire. Capped letters also require consideration, such as: A, D, E, F, G, I, J, L, M, N, Q, S, T, U, W, and Y. Numbers are similar in that 3, 4, 8, and 9 all have options as well. Ask for details when you order.

Alterations and modifications to your art are also available. You may want to add an outline, inline, contour or shadow; it can also be scanned and have special effects added like: inline shadows, beveling, embossing, outer glow, etc. In addition to your finished, camera-ready art, you can order it produced in tiff, jpeg, gif, or eps formats. We will also email a copy if ordered.

All lettering orders will be completed as requested and agreed upon by both parties. Production charges are based on: the usage of the lettering art; exclusivity (term and region[s] of use); complexity; turn-around time; and, in some cases, the budget. Any add-on expenses (such as long distance, fax, scans, special effects, storage disks, alterations, changes, shipping, etc.) will be calculated fairly and included on the final job invoice.

Purchase orders are welcome, but not required. Acceptance of our estimate in writing (plus a 50% deposit on new accounts) at the time of order is all that is necessary to proceed. Our work is done on the honest and ethical principles we were all raised with, and we expect remuneration to follow the same.

All rights to the use of the finished artwork will be released completely upon receipt of any balance due in full. Thanks for your cooperation.

For more information or a custom quote, please call us at:

Thank you for your interest and understanding!