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Why are POSTER ADS unique?
Because BRAND-names get more
exposure for the marketing dollar!

And you can't grow your Brand Loyalty
without increasing Brand Awareness!

Reserve or renew your MAP AD now
for the new edition...

All previous advertisers must renew their location ads (by March 31, 2008 in Athens, GA), or risk losing their regular spot on the map. Please renew your ad ASAP.


Call Pete Barkelew at 706-546-5058
... or Cell phone at 706-296-8590
... or email Pete at: BarkMarketing@gmail.com

Thank you for your consideration.

See Info about Athens Cartoon Maps here
Ad Style Rate Avg./Mo. for 2 yrs.

Business Location $395 $ 16 /mo.
Billboard Ad $350 $ 14 /mo.
Hot Air Balloon $675 $ 27 /mo.
X-Large Balloon $850 $ 33 /mo.
ADD Banner to Balloon $295 +12 /mo.
Business Van or Truck $350 $ 14 /mo.
Blimp, Plane or other  ASK valid thru 2008

The best long-term Ad VALUE in the area!

When you realize what you get for your ad dollar with poster marketing, you understand the value. Even if a prospective customer sees your ad in the newspaper or a magazine... once they turn the page and set the issue down, you'll probably have to buy another ad to get infront of thoses eyes again. Not so with popular posters!

Once your poster ad is displayed, it has the potential to be seen over and over again -- that's BRANDING exposure!